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Facebook/Instagram Geofencing Advertising Capabilities

As one of the few firms with this capability, our team is able to take any geofencing marketing campaign and target that audience directly on Facebook & Instagram. And we’re not talking about just people who clicked on your ads. The same people who were served an impression via our programmatic ad exchanges can also be served ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platform. The process is simple:

1. Ensure Facebook Pixel Is Installed On Website
2, Develop Geofencing Marketing Campaign
3. Add Geofencing Audience Into Facebook
4. Launch Both Campaigns

The process is intricate on the back, but simple for local to national brands who want the granular level of geofencing targeting with the powerful and conversion opportunities with Facebook & Instagram.

Why Leverage Facebook Geofencing With Us?

Most organizations don’t have access to premier geofencing technology. And most don’t know the process of taking such an audience and putting that audience on facebook. Examples of the audiences we can create after leveraging geofencing marketing:

Just the audience served impressions
Lookalike audience of the people who saw your ads
Lookalike audience of the people who saw your ads and converted
Those who were geofenced and saw your OTT or Pre-Roll Video Ads
Taking your geofencing audiences and pushing them onto Facebook only improves the performance of your original geofencing marketing campaigns.

Leverage Other Programmatic Display Audiences Onto Facebook/Instagram
It doesn’t stop there at geofencing marketing. Through our proprietary process, we can take any programmatic display tactic, and reach that same audience (who saw your ads or served an impression) on Facebook & Instagram. Those other tactics include:

Addressable (Household) Geofencing
Search Retargeting
Keyword Contextual
CRM Retargeting
OTT/CTV Advertising
Pre-Roll Video
Audience Curation
Event Targeting
We can even create a lookalike audience off of your website visitors or previous purchasers from your websites or leads that have become customers or clients of yours.

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