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The most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting
users based on specific geographic areas. I Power Digital Advertising geo-fence technology enables
marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise
and accurate data. We support bulk uploads of GeoJSON files to create shapes
around public areas like political and school districts, street and highway
boundaries, municipalities, etc.

GEO-FENCING BENEFITS generates dynamic and configurable shapes customized to an
advertiser’s campaign. Each user is matched 1:1 to a desired targeting zone.
• comparable scalability
• Pinpoint accuracy
• Location file import and export capability
• Granular localization via custom shapes
and sizes
• Variable recency (instant to 30 days)
• Boost mobile performance and reach
• Retarget customers who visit or commute
through any geo-fenced location
• Leverage targeted campaigns only to
customers within a predetermined
physical proximity to your business
• The most reliable way to target mobile
users in your business’s proximity
• Identify relevant locations to target
based on business type and geography
• Track offline or “last mile” conversions
to measure your campaign’s
• Target event locations during specific
date and time windows
• Target physical addresses with a
digital medium to build an audience
based on plat line data

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