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Digital Advertising Tool Box

Results Focused Digital Advertising

Targeted Display

Targeted Display & Video

Programmatic Buying

• Behavioral Targeting

• Search Retargeting

• Site Retargeting

• Geographic Targeting​

• Category Targeting

• Mobile Targeting

Email eDirect

Email eDirect

Targeting Individual People, Not Websites

How We Connect Data To Real People
• Mobile
• Email
• Social Media
• Cookies
• Offline Date


Live Chat

Don't Miss a Website Lead

An online customer service platform that allows businesses to directly engage with website visitors 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
These website visitors can opt into chatting with a live chat specialist who is trained to convert passive site visits into warm leads.


Search Engine Marketing

Reach People Searching For Your Product or Service Right Now.

What are you doing to get in front of all the people who are online right now searching for the products or services that you provide”?

SEM/PPC is lead generation. SEM puts the advertiser in front of the consumer who is looking for the products or services that they provide at the exact moment when they are looking.  There is no truer form of targeting. 


Search Engine Optimization

Improve Website Traffic, Bounce Rates and Sales Conversions.

Your dedicated SEO team will strategize to provide a successful and customized campaign for you and your business. 


We make it our priority to maintain top-level customer support. Through these efforts small businesses trust us with their SEO strategy. We manage thousands of small business customers on our enterprise level small business SEP platform. WIth proven results we maintain one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Create Awareness and Engage with Your Target Audience.

Social media marketing allows you to create awareness and engage with your target audience as well as send them to your website to turn into leads.

97% of marketers are currently participating in social media, but 85% aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use. Credit: Social Media Examiner.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing!

Social Conquest

Social Conquest

Target your competitors customers on Facebook and Instagram.

If they interact (like/post/share/tag) your competitors Facebook or Instagram account, we will serve that person your advertisement on the same platform. 

Let your competitors do the heavy lifting by promoting their pages. With Social Conquesting you will be able to get your message in front of your competitors customers. 

Website Design

Website Development

Your Virtual Storefront.

A website is essential and the best way to be found online, giving customers a better first impression of your company, ultimately increasing the level of Trust and Authority you have against all other competitors.


A website presents WHO you are and WHAT you do, is the foundation to making all other digital marketing more successful, including SEO, Social Media, SEM/PPC, Display Marketing, etc.

Sacramento Radio Station Sponsored Ads

Core Station
Facebook Targeted Ads

Build Trust and Credibility through a Station Branded Facebook Post.

Targeted Ads won’t interfere with a client’s existing post strategy (Targeted ads appear in newsfeeds, not on Facebook pages)


Targeted Ads are branded with the station Facebook page and the client’s Facebook page which makes it easy to influence engagement


Clients don’t need to provide access to their FB business page for Targeted Ads

Sacramento Radio Station Digital Banner Ad

Radio Station Website 

Banner Ads

Build Instant Trust and Credibility Through Trusted Las Cruces Radio Stations.

101 Gold,99.5 Zia Country, Magic 104.9, News Talk 92.7, La Equis 96.7,


Our fans come to our websites to engage with the content, listen to the streaming broadcast or catch up on the news of the day.


As such, our viewership is much more engaged and trustworthy of the banner advertisements. We see a 5x CTR above national averages.



Sacramento radio station Digital Ad

Radio Station Email Blast

Send Custom Created Email Directly to a Las Cruces Radio Station's Listeners.

Custom created emails that will be sent to a sales database of active users and who have opted-in to receive these emails. Scrubbed for engagement and active subscribers.


Our email templates use best practices across all email providers and are created to look and perform great on any device.

Our emails are branded as My Email Offers but will contain the logo of the station, or if sent to the market, all of the stations.

We can also use the birthday of our users to send out Birthday Emails on behalf of an advertiser!

Connected TV

Connected TV Advertising gives viewers a lean-back branding experience while they consume digital video content on their television sets. The ads play at the full resolution of the TV on media app load or during content streaming.
Connected TV ads are best used as an extension of traditional television & Radio buys or to complement digital advertising buys.

OTT / Connected TV

Our Video Display offers High-Quality Ad solutions that create lasting impressions and resonate with YOUR target audience ON THEIR TIME

POdcast Newtwork Podcast Network

Advertise Within Your Targets Favorite Podcast.

Meet your target audience while they are listening to their spoken word podcast. Your message can be delivered with the same hyper focus of the streaming station network.

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