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  • Aaron Criswell

"Embrace the Future of Advertising: How CTV Can Transform Your Local Business"

Are you a local business owner searching for the next leap in digital advertising? Connected TV (CTV) advertising is reshaping the marketing landscape, offering precision, scale, and innovative targeting capabilities. Let’s explore how CTV can elevate your brand and connect you with your audience more effectively.

Understanding CTV and Its Unmatched Audience Targeting

CTV refers to the viewing of streaming content on internet-connected TVs. With CTV advertising, you can target individual properties with GPS precision, using addressable CTV ads that match the viewer's behavior across websites and physical store visits. This level of granularity in targeting ensures your ads are seen by the right eyes, fencing off the exact boundaries of your property.

The Power of CTV Reporting for Local Businesses

The real beauty of CTV advertising lies in its robust reporting capabilities. Multi-location conversion reporting, device-level insights, and zip+4 level reporting give you a comprehensive understanding of your campaigns' performance. With keyword-level reporting and over 100 unique variables, you have the tools to refine and optimize your strategies continually.

Track Foot Traffic and Online Conversions

Imagine knowing not just who saw your ad, but who acted on it. CTV advertising tracks online actions such as webpage visits, form-fills, and even physical store visits post-ad exposure. This cross-device tracking ties users' actions directly to your served CTV ads, offering a cross-device graph that associates all of a user's devices with one address.

Linear TV Subscriber Exclusion:

Maximize Your Budget One of the smartest features for local businesses is the ability to exclude linear TV subscribers from your addressable CTV campaigns. This means you're not overpaying to reach people who are already subscribed to linear TV, ensuring no overlap and maximizing your advertising budget.

iPower's CTV Inventory Network:

Connect with Your Audience iPower's CTV Inventory Network grants you access to premium marketplaces and TV programmers, including Buzzfeed, Newsy, and National Geographic, among others. This access allows you to place your brand on the screens of engaged viewers across a wide array of content.

CTV Advertising: A Game-Changer for Local Business Owners

The targeted, efficient, and data-driven nature of CTV advertising makes it a powerful tool for local businesses looking to tap into the streaming audience. With the ability to measure and optimize based on detailed reporting and real-world conversions, CTV advertising isn't just the future; it's the present.

Ready to Take Your Local Business to the Next Level?

CTV advertising offers a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in a meaningful and measurable way. If you’re ready to unlock the potential of CTV advertising for your local business, [Your Business Name] is here to help you navigate this exciting landscape.

For more information on how to get started with CTV advertising and to explore our iPower's CTV Inventory Network, contact us. Let's turn your advertising into a driving force for your business growth.

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